A poem

Life is a rough road that everyone has to pass.

It’s not always easy to rise once again when you fall there.

Sometimes, I find myself stuck in one of the path’s creeping cracks.

It stops you from moving forward — the self-pity and despair

The dark potholes where there is too much unhappiness to bear,

And enough disappointment for everyone to comfortably share.

Staring down into the heart of fear’s lair.

It’s good to remember that friends will always be nearby

They will be there with a helping hand ready.

I’ve learned that climbing out of a dark hole becomes easier

When they drop a rope down to me.

As we walk this path it won’t always be easy

But we are all together, can you see?

If you can remember this, the bumpy road becomes a little less lonely.

A short story

The lamps illuminating this little square have a unique kind of character. They burn softly, as if afraid of insulting the stars high above by outshining them. They crouch low on restaurants’ outdoor tables and the walls of the buildings lining the side streets. They do not reveal very much…

A novel by Arlene J. Chai

“We are a strange people, Clara. We swallow so much of the injustice, hardship, and cruelty our fellow humans mete out to us. Why, we even have an expression for it: ‘We can take it.’ And we do. We would rather let things go and take all the wrong done…

A short story

The doors were going up in flames. It was blazing hot. The smell of smoke chased me as I stumbled to the bathroom. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t see anything. The stench of burning plastic filled my nose. …

8 o’clock.

The cool night air embraced me as I stepped up to the large double doors with my family.

As we entered the foyer, the first thing that greeted us was the delicious smell of an approaching feast. Crispy lechon and fried chicken. Barbecue and pasta. Ham and all…

A poem

’Tis hardly an easy thing to do

For he is a pest, a burden,

The world’s grandest failure,

And the greatest of all abominable men.

My heart is hardened and heavy;

He is the object of my utmost hatred.

He is but my greatest enemy.

I harbor this detestation


A reflection for the year-end.

Recently, as I was lumbering around my house and my eyes started spinning in their sockets from seeing the exact same things every day (due to the community quarantine), I have been asking myself a lot about why I do the little things I do. Why must I arrange the…

If asteroids could talk, what would they say?

View the photo of asteroid 243 Ida and its natural satellite, Dactyl, here.

“Dactyl, how do I look?” 243 Ida asked its good friend.

“You look stunning, Ida! Your craters are as deep as ever! Why do you ask?” Dactyl replied.

“Good. Look up, Dactyl, and show off your biggest…

As a student, I keep going with these reassurances in mind.

“Good morning, teacher!”

This was the salutation we repeated each day, like clockwork. Get to your classroom, prepare your class materials, and greet the teacher before lessons begin. The very statement implies a positive start for the day ahead. Truth be told, however, some mornings weren’t as good as the…

In the Philippines, students are often given different messages about which language to speak in this multilingual country.

I’ve been a Filipino since the moment I was born. It says so on my birth certificate. I then went on to grow up in a household where the absence of a rice cooker is as unimaginable as the absence of the huge stash of Dove and Irish Spring products…

Margarita Beatrice

Sometimes I read, and sometimes I write. Sometimes I ask questions, and hope to bring the answers to light. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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