A poem

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Life is a rough road that everyone has to pass.

It’s not always easy to rise once again when you fall there.

Sometimes, I find myself stuck in one of the path’s creeping cracks.

It stops you from moving forward — the self-pity and despair

The dark potholes where there is too much unhappiness to bear,

And enough disappointment for everyone to comfortably share.

Staring down into the heart of fear’s lair.

It’s good to remember that friends will always be nearby

They will be there with a helping hand ready.

I’ve learned that climbing out of a dark hole becomes easier

When they drop a rope down to me.

As we walk this path it won’t always be easy

But we are all together, can you see?

If you can remember this, the bumpy road becomes a little less lonely.

Margarita Beatrice

Margarita Beatrice


Sometimes I read, and sometimes I write. Sometimes I ask questions, and hope to bring the answers to light. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!